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Welcome to Slumbersac! We are a young but fast growing family business that is based in Dorset in the UK. Slumbersac is run by me, Karina Grassy, with the help of my family and a small team of employees. I am a mum of a eight year old daughter who has been sleeping in Slumbersac sleeping bags ever since she was born, and she still continues to do product testing for us!

Slumbersac- the safe and comfortable way for all babies, toddlers and children to sleep. Slumbersac sleeping bags, allow babies and children from birth up to 10 years plenty of room to wriggle and stretch when sleeping.

Slumbersac sleep sacks completely replace traditional sheets, blankets and duvets. Research has found that the 'old' way of covering babies causes discomfort, as top covers are easily kicked off or tangled, resulting in your baby becoming either too hot or too cold.

Baby sleeping bags solve this problem by keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature at all times; the generous size and shape of each 'sleep sack' enables your baby freedom of movement and to stretch their arms and legs.

Slumbersac baby sleeping bags come to you in five sizes to fit babies from birth up to 10 years. Our toddler sleeping bags are suitable from 3 - 6 years and our kids sleeping bags fit from 6 - 10 years.

For families 'on the move' Slumbersac has beautiful baby travel bags with a facility to fit all car seats and buggies. Now you can transfer baby from car to cot whilst they are still snuggled in their favourite travel sleeping bag.


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