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  1. Baby Sleep In The First Year - What You Should Know About It

    Baby Sleep In The First Year - What You Should Know About It

    Like walking, your baby has yet to learn how to sleep. This doesn’t happen overnight, but rather in small stages and development steps. In general, babies have individually different sleeping habits. However, there are some “typical” development steps that we would like to introduce to you in more detail below.

    Baby sleeping

    This is how much sleep babies need in the first few months

    Are you wondering how much sleep babies really need in the first few months of life? Then the following information can offer you an idea. However, since these are only averages, it’s possible for this to vary, so there’s no need to worry if your baby sleeps one to tw

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  2. Is a fixed daily routine sensible for my baby?

    Is a fixed daily routine sensible for my baby?

    The first months of life are very exciting for both you and your child. You get to know each other and your baby starts developing their senses. At first they act purely instinctively: when they’re hungry they crave milk and when they’re tired they sleep. There doesn't seem to be much room for a planned day, but just this fixed daily routine can help you to better organise your everyday life with your baby. Routines are very useful for your child and your everyday family life, but you should keep a few points in mind when planning.

    daily routine with baby

    These are the advantages of a regular daily routine for your baby

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  3. Sleep & Nutrition: How to keep you and your child healthy

    Sleep & Nutrition: How to keep you and your child healthy

    In babies and toddlers, nutrition and sleep are inextricably linked. In order for your child to have a good nights sleep, it’s important to offer them a filling and easily digestible evening meal. You should also be there for your child at night, as they need a lot of "supplies", especially in the first few months of their lives. In this blog you will find important tips and suggestions on how to best balance sleep and diet.

    Breastfeeding mother

    Breastfeeding babies at night - does my child need food at night?

    It’s perfectly natural for babies to need and demand food at night during the first few months of life. After all, they have an enormous gro

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  4. What are the differences of Baby Sleep from Adult Sleep

    What are the differences of Baby Sleep from Adult Sleep

    A baby's sleep is different from normal adult sleep in many ways. Since infants are born “unfinished” and grow up very quickly, they process things in their sleep that they experience during the day. For this reason, infants sleep very differently to adults: in shorter phases and with fewer completed sleep cycles, after which they usually wake up briefly.

    adult sleeping with baby

    Babies slumber in a kind of maturation sleep

    As with adults, infants go through so-called REM and non-REM sleep phases. The difference lies in the fact that the sleep phases of infants and adults differ in percentage terms. While you spend most of your time in deep sle

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  5. How to adjust your baby to their own bed

    How to adjust your baby to their own bed

    Getting your baby used to their own bed is not always easy. You need patience and understanding to initiate this adjustment. After all, your baby should still feel safe, secure and loved by you. But how do you manage to get them used to sleeping in their parents' bedroom and spending the night in their own room? We have put together some tips for you.

    Baby sleeping in their own bed

    Co-sleeping has many advantages

    From an evolutionary point of view, it is perfectly normal for your child to seek your closeness at night. They instinctively look for your protection while they sleep or even if

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  6. Does My Baby Need A Dummy?

    Does My Baby Need A Dummy?

    It’s part of every basic equipment list for babies - the dummy. But does your child really need one? What tasks does it take on and what should you consider when deciding whether or not to give your baby a teat? We will give you the answers to these important questions.

    baby with a dummy

    What does a dummy do?

    A dummy serves a natural need of your child - sucking. It sucks on the female breast in order to be supplied with breast milk. In addition, it has calming effects, because your baby can enjoy security and the connection to you. A dummy can also relax muscles while they are suckling. This allows them to calm themselves down when they a

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  7. Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag with Feet

    Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag with Feet

    Your child will sleep a lot during the first few years of their life. This is because they develop rapidly during this time and processes the stimuli previously absorbed from its environment while sleeping. Therefore, it’s advisable that you give them a comfortable sleep experience so that they can relax. A sleeping bag is particularly suitable for this. This is available with and without feet. You can find out which advantages both designs have for your little one.

    Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag with Feet

    The advantages of a baby sleeping bag

    Whether a blanket or sleeping bag is used in the cot is a decision that should be carefully considered, as it has a significant impact o

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  8. Sleep problems in Children

    Sleep problems in Children

    Sufficient sleep is particularly important for children, as many of their body's growth processes take place at night and they need this time to regenerate and process the impressions of the day. However, your child may postpone going to bed, refuse to go to bed completely, or wake up frequently in the middle of the night. We have put together some advice on how you can tell whether your child suffers from sleep problems and what you can do about them.

    child sleeping in cot

    This is how sleep problems manifest themselves in children

    There are several ways your child may experience sleep problems. A hint is for example if they have frequent nightmares

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  9. 9 Helpful Tips For Parents Who Are Struggling With Lack Of Sleep

    9 Helpful Tips For Parents Who Are Struggling With Lack Of Sleep

    It is often said that newborns sleep peacefully in their cots for 12 to 16 hours a day. Sometimes that's true, but that doesn't mean that babies automatically sleep through the night. In fact, some babies prefer to be active at night when mum and dad want to get a little sleep. This is how an enormous sleep deficit accumulates over time. In addition to the visible side effects (the ever-growing dark circles under the eyes) - many parents increasingly lack the strength they need to cope with everyday life. Do you also struggle with chronic lack of sleep? Then our tips will help you cope better even on days with little sleep.

    Baby in their cot

    Make use of all the sleeping options that

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  10. Children's Games from the past

    Children's Games from the past

    Grandma and Grandpa still know them: The times when there wasn’t any consoles or computers. Instead, children kept themselves busy playing and romping about. Perhaps you too have vivid memories of old children's games that everyone knew back then. While some of these were forgotten, others are still popular to this day. They are all fun and help to strengthen the cohesion of little ones.

    Children's Games

    Kids have the opportunity to spend a wonderful amount of hours with exercise games. These varied children's games from the past have been preserved to this day:

    1. Snake Tail Catcher: You need at least three children to play the snake tail catcher outside. In this game without a

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