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You can find our practical guide on the subject of "SAFE AND HEALTHY SLEEP FOR BABIES, CHILDREN AND PARENTS".

  1. We reached our goal of delivering 1 million dreams!

    We reached our goal of delivering 1 million dreams!

    It’s time to celebrate as we’ve reached our goal of delivering 1 million dreams to children across the globe with our charity partner B1G1!

    With your help, we created 88,165 impacts in March, which brings our total giving to 1,058,735 impacts.

    Our donation in March paid a House Mum at an orphanage in Kenya for a whole year - our Company Director Karina and Marketing Director Elke visited her last January. In addition we provided 200 days of access to education to prevent young girls from being trafficked in Cambodia, and also provided 87,600 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Cambodia.

    Karina, Company Owner and Director of Slumbersac had a special message for our customers...”Thanks to our customers we were able to touch the hearts and improve the lives of so many people less fortunate than

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  2. You Buy We Give - Our Upcoming Charitable Project Donations

    You Buy We Give - Our Upcoming Charitable Project Donations

    Thank you for making a difference and helping us deliver 1 million dreams...At Slumbersac we believe in caring for those around us especially for the young. That’s why we’ve embedded giving into everything we do. For every product we sell we give back through our charity partner B1G1 and so every time you buy from us you’re automatically making giving a part of what you do too.
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