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Craft ideas for summer

21 Jun, 2022

Make the summer more colourful with craft ideas

A nice idea for handicrafts with natural materials are, for example, flower wreaths. You can collect  flowers and grasses you want to use for this together. You can use aluminium wire or a vine with no leaves as a base for the flower crown so that it will hold your artwork. Now tie the flowers and grass with floral wire as tightly as you like - and a beautiful conjured up accessory for your little princes and princesses is ready.

Shell wind chimes

For example, if you go to the seaside over the summer holidays and want to create a special memory, you can make jewellery or wind chimes out of shells with your child. For unique shell jewellery, drill small holes in the shells and then thread them onto a string. For another type of shell jewellery, you can use air-drying clay. If your child likes it a little more colourful, you can mix it with a water-based paint before further processing. Then you form a coin out of a piece of clay and press the shell into it. All you have to do is make a hole for the chain in the clay coin and let your work of art dry. After that you just pull a string through the pendant and you're done.

For a nautical wind chime you first collect wood, shells and anything else you like. You then carefully drill small holes in these objects and then thread a string through them. Make as many of these cords as you would like to have on your wind chime. Finally, attach your strings of sea mementos to a piece of driftwood.

But you don't have to go to the seaside to find the right craft supplies. In the local forest you will find many branches, leaves and stones that your little one can paint. Or maybe you even make their favourite animal out of the branches, which then only needs the right coat of paint to come to life.

paper boats

Paper boats

Water rats, on the other hand, can have great fun with paper boats, which you let ride together in a small stream. You can also turn your sandbox into a mud table. Simply place a large bowl of water in the sand and let the wild mashing begin.

Joint craft afternoon

If your child is old enough to work with scissors, you can also help them cut out colourful butterflies, birds and insects from construction paper and glue them together. If you then hang this in their room, they will always remember your nice afternoon of handicrafts together.

If your child is about to start school or is already at school, you can also use the summer days to make a scrap book where all of their friends can write in it themselves.

In addition to all the crafting fun, don't forget to take a bath and relax. Enjoy the warm sunny weather and have a great time together.