Here are OUR MOST frequently asked questions:

  1. Why are baby sleeping bags a better alternative to sheets and blankets?

    Sleep sacks allow babies to maintain a constant temperature throughout the night, without the risk of kicking off covers or getting tangled up in bedding, while still allowing them to move around freely during the night. They are far lower maintenance for parents than conventional bedding and can provide security and familiarity when babies are staying away from home or moving from a bassinet into a cot.

  2. What ages are Slumbersac baby sleeping bags designed for?

    Our baby sleep sacks come in six sizes and cater for newborn babies up to ten-year-old children.

  3. Do all sleeping bags have centre zips?

    All Slumbersac sleep sacks now have centre zips. Centre zips are designed to make for easy access when changing your child during the night. As children become bigger and stronger there is a risk they can force open the ‘snaps' at the shoulder so we no longer use snaps. All sizes of travel bags have a two-way centre zip to facilitate harness fixing. NOTE: We do have one product with shoulder snaps in Pink Fairy in the smaller sizes and off centre zips in Dainty Dolly and Planes & Trains, this is until stocks last. From time to time we may receive some specialty stock that have other alternatives from shoulder snaps to off centre zips.

  4. Which way do the zips zip?

    All Slumbersac sleep sack zips vary between designs, togs and sizes. All sizes of travel bags have a two-way centre zip to facilitate harness fixing. Majority of our sleeping bags zip from the bottom to the top. Some zips will affix at the top and zip from top to bottom. Each zip style varies. NOTE: Zip styles may vary from the pictured product, if you require your zip to zip a particular way, please contact Slumbersac to discuss the most suitable style.

  5. What is the Zip cover for?

    Our zip covers have been designed to cover the top of the zip to keep the zip from touching the skin. Our zip covers also help to keep little fingers away. However, as children grow they become curious about zips and learn how to undo them no matter what we do they can be very clever. NOTE: Zip cover styles may vary from the pictured product, if you require a particular zip cover style, please contact Slumbersac to discuss the most suitable style and what is available.

  6. Could my baby become too hot?

    As long as the room is a safe temperature and the right tog sleeping bag is used, there is no danger of children overheating. Never use any clothing with hoods and avoid using additional sheets or blankets with sleep sacks. The only additional bedding required is a sheet for the cot/bed mattress. For more safety information click here.

  7. What are the press-studs on the arm holes for?

    The press-studs are to prevent the child's arm from slipping inside the bag, they also help to prevent the Sleeping Bag from sliding up over the chin on smaller children. Press Studs are to be done up at all times until the child's arms are too big.

  8. Do bags wash and dry easily?

    Yes, due to the quick-dry light weight polyester fleece filling they wash easy and dry quickly. All our baby sleep bags can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble-dried on a low heat. We recommend you wash our sleeping bags inside out and keep zips closed for washing and drying. If you require washing your sleeping bag at a higher heat such as 60 degrees, you should allow for additional shrinkage to occur. 
    It is recommended to wash your Slumbersac with a detergent that is free from bleaching agents in order to retain original colours. Depending on your use, wear and washing habits, products may not retain original colours or size, shrinkage or stretching can occur.

  9. Are the long sleeves on the winter sleeping bags detachable?

    The long sleeves on our long sleeve sleeping bags are NOT detachable. These sleeping bags are suitable for wearing while in a pram or sleeping in cold room temperatures. Alternatively we offer our 2.5 tog winter sleeping bags without sleeves which can be combined with our additional sleeping bag sleeves compatible with all our sleeveless Slumbersac range.

  10. Can I use a travel bag in the cot?

    Yes, all our Slumbersac travel sleeping bags can be used in a cot as well as in a pram or car seat. The vent at the back can be closed with a fastener when not in use.

  11. Do I need more than one sleeping bag?

    We recommend, for your convenience, to have at least two sleep sacks at all times. Particularly handy when it comes to unplanned night-time changes, changes from number 3's or if one is in the wash or wet! If your child attends childcare or other regular outings, we recommend additional sleeping bags.

  12. What fabrics are Slumbersac made with?

    Our Slumbersac range is made of a range of fabrics including 100% Cotton, 100% Jersey Cotton, 100% Muslin Cotton, Bamboo. See more information on our Slumbersac Fabrics page.

  13. What is the filling made of?

    Slumbersac sleep sacks are rigorously tested to meet all Standards. The filling is made from a quick-dry lightweight polyester fleece to prevent migration and allergies. Only our 1.0 Tog and above sleeping bags contain filling, our 0.5 Tog range does not contain any filling. NOTE: no polyester touches the skin, only the cotton lining and exterior.

  14. Where are Slumbersac's products made?

    Slumbersac products are designed in the UK and then made in various factories including Portugal, India, China and Turkey. All our factories are visited on a regular basis to ensure good working conditions are maintained. Every now and then we will write an article on our Blog or share on our social media with information and pictures of our visits to our factories.

  15. What does Tog Rating mean and which Tog Rating do I choose?

    The tog rating or weight of a sleeping bag determines its thickness and how warm it keeps your child. The higher the tog rating (weight) the warmer the sleeping bag. You can find all information about tog ratings and what to wear a sleeping bag on our Tog Guide page. You will also find tog guide information available under the Buying Guides tab on each product on our website.

  16. What size is right for my child?

    You can find all information about sizing on our Size Guide page. You will also find size guide information available under the Buying Guides tab on each product on our website.

  17. Why a 'High Fire Danger' label?

    Fire labels can seem very concerning... Sleeping Bags are labelled as 'High Fire Danger' to comply with labelling standards set by Product Safety Australia, these Standards are very strict, some of the strictest in the world! 
    Most sleeping bags are classified as 'category 4' and MUST carry the high fire danger labels with no exceptions. This is specific labelling according to how flammable the product is, majority of fabrics are flammable and will catch alight when exposed to an open flame, this is why you will find all sleepwear will care a fire danger label, some are low and some are high depending on which category they fall under.
    For further information, check out the Nightwear for children standard at Product Safety Australia.

  18. My Slumbersac product does not look the same as the picture?

    Whilst we make every effort to ensure that products are correct on our website, each sleeping bag design may vary slightly from different designs, different togs, difference sizes, different features, different colours. Each devices colour and screen resolution settings vary and colours may appear different to the product. Some products may be photographed with a slightly different feature to the one you receive. These features can include colour of zip, style of zip, design and layout of zip cover, zip placement, variation in placement, colour and style of motif/embroidery/embellishment.

  19. Why does my discount code not work?

    Discount codes are only valid for NON-SALE items. Discount can not be applied to Gift Wrap or Embroidery. If you have selected a non-sale item and your discount code still does not work please contact us.

  20. What payment options are available?

    You can find all payment options available on our Payments page.

  21. Do you charge credit card or other fees?

    You can find all payment fees and charges information on our Payments page.

  22. What are the delivery / shipping / postage options?

    You can find all shipping information on our Shipping page. You will also find delivery information available under the Delivery and Returns tab on each product on our website.

  23. Can I exchange or return?

    You can find our returns and exchange information on our Returns page. You will also find returns information available under the Delivery and Returns tab on each product on our website.


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