Why Choose Slumbersac?

Baby Sleeping Bags

Your child's safety is our top priority! Slumbersac baby sleeping bags guarantee a safe and secure nights sleep for your little one. You’ve probably heard of the fact that covering up and overheating the baby are among the avoidable risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome. Both can be prevented by using baby sleeping bags.

Other important advantages of a sleeping bag are:

  • Your baby will sleep more safely in a suitable sleeping bag
  • Even when baby kicks and moves, it stays warm and secure
  • Your little darling will neither sweat nor freeze, the body temperature remains constant
  • Turning into the riskier prone position is made more difficult

Sleeping bags with feet

Sleeping bags with feet are an invention and product development by Slumbersac, so you can find the original with us.

Does your child feel uncomfortable in a regular baby sleeping bag and doesn't want to sleep in it? Our Sleeping bags with feet are the ideal alternative: In the sleeping bag with legs, your child cannot only sleep safely and comfortably, but also crawl, run and play.

A lot of feedback from our customers has shown that many children want their feet outside at night because they love freedom of movement. That is why we have developed foldable cuffs for many of our models that are simply slipped over the feet. This way the children's feet stay warm! Our sleeping bags with feet don't hinder your child's movements and thus reduce the risk of injury because they don't stumble so quickly.

Anti-slip nubs are attached under the sole of the foot, so that your sweetheart can safely walk around in their sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag To Suit Body Size

The sleeping bag must be adapted to the size of the child. If it’s too big, your baby can slide into it. In addition, the child cools down quickly in a sleeping bag that is too large. If the sleeping bag is too small, there is a risk of constriction and your baby will not be able to move properly and will feel uncomfortable.

Our Slumbersac baby sleeping bags are available in six different sizes from 56 cm for newborns to 150 cm for children from six to ten years. The Slumbersac sleeping bags with feet are available in 7 sizes. This detailed size chart gives you important assistance in choosing the right size.

On every product page you will also find a practical size calculator that will determine the right sleeping bag size for your child when you enter the height.

Sleeping Bag for Every Season

Whether light in summer, cuddly warm in the transition period or pleasantly warming with cozy padding as a winter sleeping bag, Slumbersac baby sleeping bags always offer an ideal sleeping climate and thus a restful night's sleep.

Our baby sleeping bags and sleeping bags with feet are available in different tog strengths / degrees of warmth, so that you can always choose the right sleeping bag depending on the room temperature and the time of year. In general, when choosing a sleeping bag, the following applies: "The thickness of the sleeping bag and the baby clothes must be adapted to the room temperature and not to the time of year."

Our tog table gives you a precise overview. You can find information on which clothes your child should wear in the baby sleeping bag here.

We're Here for You

We attach great importance to personal contact with our customers. Customer service will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about choosing the right sleeping bag. We have also put together the most frequently asked questions and our answers for you here

Slumbersac Gives Back

We want to create a better future together with you. That's why we donate to the non-profit organisation B1G1 for every Slumbersac order.

On every product page and on the product packaging, you can see which of the following projects are supported by the purchase:

  • Providing a child in Cambodia with a bike for a week so that they can go to school
  • Give a school lunch to a disadvantaged child in Kenya
  • To provide a child in Kenya with essential medicines for a day
  • Plant a tree in the rainforest to save the earth for our children